Wedding at Brooksby Hall in the Melton Mowbray Countryside

This beautiful wedding celebration began in the famous and iconic market town of Melton and its equally-famous and iconic church. Guests arrived as the groom steadied and readied himself for the arrival of his beautiful wife-to-be.

I really ‘felt’ the black and white images while editing this gorgeous wedding. Sometimes, it’s just like that - the wedding really suits the contrast-filled monochrome look. I love it! I love black and white.

I loved the ceremony. Laughter and charm - it was so relaxed. Everyone seemed to breathe a sigh-of-relief once the ceremony got underway and this made for a completely chilled atmosphere.

After the wedding ceremony, the party headed over the stunning Brooksby Hall, Melton - a beautiful rural setting.

Everyone enjoyed the warm spring air and the low, golden setting Sun.

I loved it.

Brooksby Hall Melton Portrait